How To Change Your Mitsubishi Key

One of the most convenient features that comes with any modern Mitsubishi is its electric key fob, which lets you lock and unlock from afar. The key should last as long as the vehicle itself, but the Mitsubishi key battery might need to be changed after a couple of years.

So, you might be wondering, ‘what happens when the battery runs out and how do I replace it?’ Simply read on if you want to find out.

How to Know When Your Mitsubishi Key Battery Needs Changing

Plenty of people worry that their Mitsubishi key might just stop working without any warning once the battery is out of juice. However, that’s not going to happen. Instead, you should notice a low key battery warning light flash up on your display. Once you see it, you should go out and get a replacement without delay.

How to Change Your Mitsubishi Key Battery

Once you know it’s time to replace your Mitsubishi key battery, you need to make sure you use the right type of new battery. You should be able to find that information from your owner’s manual, but you can always check online or contact theSunset Mitsubishi of Auburn service center. The battery itself should be available from your local store.

To replace the battery, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the Mitsubishi key fob from your keyring.
  2. Find a slot at the top of the fob, just where it connects to your keyring.
  3. Use a small screwdriver to carefully ease the two halves of your fob apart and get the Mitsubishi key open.
  4. Slip your small screwdriver under the dead battery and flip it out.
  5. Check that your replacement battery matches the old one, then slip it in. Make sure you place the positive side down.
  6. Snap the two halves of your key fob back together and check everything is working.

Replacing Your Mitsubishi Key Battery is a Quick and Easy Job

Whether you want to know how to program a Mitsubishi key or want to arrange a test drive in one ofour new vehicles, the team here at Sunset Mitsubishi can help. Feel free toget in touch today for any further advice or assistance.

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