Simple Tips for Help Avoiding a Tire Blowout

Ignoring signs that the car tires could experience a blowout will not make things get better. The trouble is most drivers don't realize what signs to look out for on their vehicle of tire trouble. If your vehicle does not have a tire pressure monitoring system, then you need to invest in a tire gauge and check the tire pressure frequently. Even a pound of pressure over or under the recommended range could spell trouble.

Take a closer look at the treads on your car tires often because they could be telling you trouble is soon to follow. 

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Jump-Start One Car with a Different Vehicle Safely

If you have a dead battery in your car, you can safely get it started by getting a jump-start from another vehicle. Bring the running car close enough to the nose of your vehicle, so the two battery compartments are close. Turn off the engine, open both car hoods, unwrap the jumper cables.

Place one of the red jumper cables on the good battery terminal that is marked with a plus-sign. Then attach the other red cable to the plus-sign on the bad battery. Place the black jumper cable on the good battery terminal with a minus sign. 

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Time to Service Those Headlights!

Here at Sunset Mitsubishi, we want to make sure you visit us every so often so we can make sure that your vehicle is in the best shape it can be in and that it is serving you properly. As you drive your vehicle, there is ongoing wear and tear that your car will experience. With a little maintenance here and there, we can ensure that everything is in working order, including your headlights.

When we perform routine maintenance on your headlights, there are a number of things we will address. 

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Is Synthetic Oil Really Synthetic?

The phrase synthetic oil seems to indicate a man-made lubricant constructed entirely in a laboratory. This is only sometimes true. The term "synthetic" covers a wide range of lubricants. Some brands of synthetic oil are designed and constructed entirely of man-made chemicals. Other brands start life as conventional oil, but is then so highly purified, processed and structurally modified that the result truly lives up to the name "synthetic."

Either way, synthetic oil is engineered to resist the heat and stress factors that can degrade and destroy conventional oil. 

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Vehicle Towing Guidelines

Before towing a trailer or another vehicle, there are some important points to consider. You should never tow unless having the proper equipment or you may end up in the car repair and maintenance facility before you're ready for your next scheduled service. Never tow more weight than the vehicle can tolerate. Have the right hitch installed on your vehicle. Make sure that the tires on both vehicles are in good condition and properly inflated. Never drive faster than the speed limit for the load types. Do not make sharp turns or tailgate.


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How to Tell if Your Exhaust is Leaking

Your car's exhaust is highly important. Without it, the toxic gasses created by your engine would have nowhere to go and could potentially harm you and your family if they got back in to the seating area of your car. But how can you know if it is leaking and needs repaired at an auto repair shop? That is why our team here at Sunset Mitsubishi of Auburn, WA wanted to be sure that you can recognize some obvious warnings of an exhaust leak.

First, you may notice small leaks or pooling occur under your exhaust. 

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Are There Many Differences Between Front and Rear Wheel Drive Vehicles?

Front wheel and rear wheel drive reflect two choices for car owners. You could say rear wheel drive pushes a car and front wheel drive pulls a car. There are other differences between the two besides what wheels actually move the car.

Rear wheel drive may present better balance and a reduction in the potential for damage. If a front wheel drive car hits a pothole or obstruction in the road, quite a number of components may suffer harm. Rear wheel drive does possess its positives, but front wheel drive comes with its benefits as well. 

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Time to Consider a Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement

There’s no need to be sidelined because old windshield wiper blades are past their prime. With regular inspections and some routine maintenance, you can catch problem areas before they get out of hand. The rubber material of wiper blades is an organic one and has a limited lifespan. They work hard out in the sun and elements clearing away debris, ice, and rain. After a while, they will naturally crack and erode.

When you notice that they aren’t completely cleaning the glass, it’s most likely time to replace them. 

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You Should Get Help with Tire Rotations Every Few Months

The set of tires on your vehicle is vitally important when it comes to your transportation needs. Without those tires, your vehicle is not going to move. You need to care for your tires, and one of the ways that you can do that is by having them rotated on a regular basis.

It is smart for you to take your tires to be rotated every few months. You want to make sure that every one of the tires is wearing in a way that fits with the rest of them. This helps your tires to last long and to…

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Do You Know How Your Suspension Works?

If you have ever ridden in a wagon or go-kart, chances are you've experienced what it is like to be in a vehicle without a suspension system. While there are many different types of vehicle suspension systems, they all have the same two goals, to improve handling, and increase passenger comfort. At Sunset Mitsubishi, we are able to fully service all types of suspension systems.

Suspension systems work by taking the energy generated from your vehicle while turning and helping dampen that inertia from side to side. It also helps take the energy produced from bumps in the roadway…

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