Is Synthetic Oil Really Synthetic?

The phrase synthetic oil seems to indicate a man-made lubricant constructed entirely in a laboratory. This is only sometimes true. The term "synthetic" covers a wide range of lubricants. Some brands of synthetic oil are designed and constructed entirely of man-made chemicals. Other brands start life as conventional oil, but is then so highly purified, processed and structurally modified that the result truly lives up to the name "synthetic."

Either way, synthetic oil is engineered to resist the heat and stress factors that can degrade and destroy conventional oil. Once the oil base is created, selected additives are included:

  • Viscosity modifiers prevent the oil from "thinning out" at high temperatures.
  • Pour point depressants improve the ability to lubricate at lower temperatures.
  • Detergent additives neutralize impurities and prevent deposits.
  • Corrosion inhibitors prevent rust inside the engine.
  • Metal deactivators form a film to protect the oil from metallic corrosion.

Synthetic oil not only provides superior lubrication but maintains its integrity indefinitely under the most extreme conditions. Here in Auburn, the resident experts for your car's maintenance needs can be found in the Sunset Mitsubishi service department.

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